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  1. Hello TCS2001! Welcome to our new website. Since I can’t make the tagboard work, let’s make this our guestbook. God bless.

  2. hi ker!!!i think its ok if u post my Gb!!

  3. Hello TCS 2001! Please visit Trinity Christian School Website, dont forget to sign the guestbook and register in our Alumni Registration Page. See ya! Here’s the link: Thank you and God bless.

  4. keren!!!! yey!!

  5. belated happy bday robbie! august 15.
    i miss you guys so much!

  6. rob! happy birthday.. dint know how to get in touch with you…. juz remembered na we have our website gale.. hehehe :-) hope youre a-ok….

    keren! are you back from your macao conference? hope to see you soon… well if you get to have time…. hehehe…. super bz ka gd forever…. text me if free ka ha…. para you, me and gwazee can go out man…. have coffee perhaps biskan kadali lang…. you got my new number? i sent it to you last time….

    hope to see you guys soon… will be home october 12-19… :-) got to go… still have work… :-)

  7. Na-reset fone ko so I need to have your new number again. Pls send it to me ha! hehe Thanks!

  8. Hallo pipol……….
    Eei ker………
    hallo na lng sa tana a…………
    katie cute cute imu baby……..hehehehe

    GOdbless ya ol!

  9. care, i thought september nxt reunion ta? lapit na lang ang end of the month… hehehe

  10. been long since i dropped by…..

    Happy new Year and Happy Valentines pa gd, hehehehe…sa tanan…..

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