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From our classmate, Glezeus:

Hi guys, …. the next Grand Alumni Homecoming will be on December 26, 2009…We are hoping to have it in the proposed covered court…But our covered court project is not yet through, we have only raised 1.6M – which means we are short of 1.4M to be able to finish the project with a budget of 3M…Mark Gomez, TCSAA President said we are building it anyway on August, and were going to raise the remaining amount through another Raffle, but this time the ticket is a lot CHEAPER..One stub (11 tickets cost Php500 only) Php50/ticket..barato gd katama..the grand prize will be a trip to Singapore for two…But i hope you really won’t mind the prizes, but think of how our 50 pesos can help raise the fund in order to help our athletes. It will be to the advantage of our fellow Trinitarians and our future kids. The project has a 3-month time-frame which means that by December, we can use it already for our Grand Alumni Homecoming. If you haven’t seen/visited Trinity lately, there has been several improvements already…& the school has been doing that to provide continuous excellent CHRISTIAN education for the glory of God-and as the mission statement says – “ultimately leading the youth to the knowledge of truth – Jesus Christ” I think that’s the most important (what is eternal). Again, before you have second thoughts of buying the tickets- think of how many lives you can touch with your 50pesos, and how others may come to Salvation – which we ourselves are not worthy of. It is our little part in fulfilling God’s Great Commission. May God continually bless each one.



Dinner at Bigby’s Cafe & Restaurant


6th TCS2001 Reunion

Kuppa Tea & Coffee for dessert …

Kuppa After Dinner


More photos for viewing and for download at our Flickr webpage.

I am currently organizing the next TCS2001 Reunion. The tentative date is on May 16 (Friday) at 7:30 pm. However, I am still surveying different locations.

It would be helpful to know the number of people who are attending. With this in mind, I urge you to inform me ASAP if you are coming. Acknowledge your attendance by texting me so that I may also update our password-protected directory here. Also, indicate if you wish to be omitted from the list.

Please feel free to contact me should you have questions or suggestions.

Soli Deo gloria,

We are currently planning for the next reunion coming next month.

Any suggestions for the date and place that you would like us to consider?

Further announcements will be posted here or we will notify you through SMS.